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Vintage Kitchenware

About GLUT

GLUT handles a variety of used items such as furniture and home appliances.. We also buy and sell unnecessary items lying around in your home.

GULT also runs a community where people share things they no longer need, help each other, and support everyone living in Kyoto, including foreign students.

Please contact us!

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​Sale and purchase of products

Purchase of unwanted items at high prices, free collection, and sale at low prices

At GLUT, we are constantly purchasing and collecting unwanted items.
If you are interested, please make a request through GLUT (app), which sells unwanted items.

Wooden Chairs
Wood Furniture



home goods

Street Lantern
Second Hand Clothing

home appliances



Wooden Chairs

Description based on the Secondhand Goods Business Act

Kyoto Prefectural Public Safety Committee No. 611082130038 GANBAATAR  KHUDERMUNKH  


For purchasing requests, please use the GLUT (app) for purchasing unwanted items.

55-13 Nishisuginomimachi, Ichijoji, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture


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